First Valet

Your first choice for a clean community


Why 1st Valet


Our valet waste management services offer a valuable amenity for your residents.

1st Valet will benefit your multi-family complex in the following ways:

  • Cleaner overall complex and dumpster areas
  • Green recycling options
  • Improved resident retention
  • Increased curb appeal

1st difference

1st Process

  • Tailored waste and recycling programs based on you and your tenants needs
  • Clearly marked waste containers provided
  • Trained representatives will collect waste in evenings leaving your community  clean during leasing hours
  • Representatives trained to prevent and remove any stains in breeze ways and common areas
  • Dumpster and compactor areas are cleaned nightly

1st Security

Residents' security is always a top priority.  Our representatives undergo extensive background checks and screening processes.  All representatives are easily identifiable with proper 1st Valet company attire and marked vehicles